By Wenxuan Yao
Intermediate Writing
Spring 2016

Living on campus as a college student is interesting. Living in the dorm for one or two semesters is necessary and beneficial for any student, especially for international student. Do you want to live on campus comfortably? Are you interested in some tips? These tips can help you feel more comfortable in the dorms at North Central College.

Learn how to live with a roommate

Each student needs to live with a roommate unless you have special reasons to have a single room. The best way to live with roommates is making rules. You can discuss with roommates to talk about the sleep time, wake time, entertainment time and class schedule. Then you guys can make rules in that time and everyone need to respect. That can help you get the best working and relaxing time without roommate bothers and have high efficiency study.

 photo Kulom dorm photo_zpspruqbhm8.jpg

Learn to do laundry in the dorm

The solution about washing clothes is laundry room. Remember you need to go to website to add some money in your student ID to do laundry. In Patterson Residence hall, the room is on the first floor in your right way when you face the student kitchen. There are six washing machines and 6 dryers. Each of them have number from 1-12. You need to use laundry detergent before you use washing machines. The black box is right of power on the wall. Notice that picture said need put in coins is wrong. I did make that mistake because that picture made me confused. So ignore the picture and swipe your student ID in that black box and put enter bottom. Last you can start use washing machines and dryers.

 photo laundry kulom 1_zpsym0evpou.jpg
 photo kulom laundry 2_zpsupdbpxem.jpg

Learn how to cook in the dorm

Cooking is important because international students may not be used to the local food, so you might prefer to cook by yourself. Kitchens are available in a number of residence halls across campus. In Patterson residence hall, the student kitchen is on the first floor. The kitchen is open 24 hours so you can cook anytime you want. The facility is fully equipped with a big refrigerator, an oven, six stoves, one microwave oven and a sink. You can share them and use them but when you cook you must be using your own kitchenware. After you cook be sure to clean after yourself. Your mother is not here so keep clean all the time. Just kidding!

 photo kulom kitchen_zpsycrgkjwa.jpg

Although living on campus is not easy if you are unfamiliar with student dorms, it is good experience. I hope these tips can help you and make washing, cooking and living easy. Follow the tips, maybe you could be comfortable when you are first time living in the dorm in North Central College.


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