By Amal Somily
Internediate Writing
Spring 2016

Going to the campus of North Central College will help you achieve what you come for by having better spots of studying on and around it. The major importance for having study spots is to have a great and high score in your classes. Each one of these spots has its style; therefore, there are many features that make each one of these places unique. Choosing one of them depends in which one you prefer to study whether a quite or noisy place. Some of them may fit better for you than the other for instance: Boiler House, Oesterle library, Barnes and Noble library, and Fredenhagen Park.


This café building is an amazing place that had Starbucks coffee, besides the coffee you can get some food such as sandwiches also many different snacks. It has two floors for those students who prefer noisy place for studying. Also there are a huge place in the first floor that have long tables and many chairs for meeting or group studying. Also it has refrigerator that you can kept your food there for your lunch time also there are microwave. These feature for this spot will help you have a perfect studying alone or with your classmates. Building number 9 on the map



One of my favorite places in the campus is the library. It is my best place to study and do my homework. I like it because it is huge, here are three floors. You can find many different kinds of books in each floor that. You also can have your private room to study with its computers and some of these rooms without computers. However, you can bring your own laptop, due to many outlets near each desk that never let you stop working because of long battery. Thus, the library on the campus is what I recommend to study for who want a quiet place.  Building number 6 on the map



This library located in the downtown Naperville, it just 10 minutes from the campus. It is a large place, which has two floors. Also, there are a comfortable tables and chairs but they are not many. On contrast there are many chairs and tables at the café in side this library. Moreover, you can buy your school supplies from there and everything you need for your school. In sum, What I like the most that this library is not far away from many restaurants that I always go there. Besides the restaurant there are a lot of stores that you can buy what need without going so far from the campus.



This beautiful place is near from the student’s dormitory, also it near from many restaurants and stores. It is almost fifteen minutes from the campus.  I like this huge place because it is a quiet, clean and safe place. At the same time, I study I enjoyed looking to view of that long river and green land. This an exceptional spot that helpful to have a fresh air; therefore, that help you get an eager to learn and study very well for your classes. That also help you to reduce any stress you feel if you have a lot of homework and tests.


In the end it is important to pay more attention to the places that every college provides. It is necessary for your successful and having high scores in every classes; however, having great and perfect spots is not that every college is aware about. You will be the only responsible for choosing your college, so don’t forget to consider choosing college with good studying spots.

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