By Sirui Chen and Hussain Ali
Advanced Writing, English Language Institute
Spring 2016

If you are new to this area and you are trying to find something fun to do, going to the Feed My Starving Children might be a good choice.

The Feed My Starving Children program is a non-profit organization that feeds hungry children all around the world. Feed My Starving Children located all over the US. The closest one from North Central College is in Aurora, where we as ELI students go every term.

Also, the Feed My Starving Children hosts special events every year. This year, North Central College was hosting its first Feed My Starving Children MobilePack event in partnership with Feed the Need which aimed to pack 1 million meals for the starving children all over the world.

In the winter term 2016, ELI students and the football team of the North Central College signed up for 2 hours volunteering at the Feed My Starving Children Center which is located in Aurora.


Feed My Starving Children center in Aurora

It was a great experience for us. There were amazing people working there. They showed us the structure by showing a video at first. The processes were easy to understand. We handed pack meals that designs for starving children and then the Feed My Starving Children organization ships them to more than 50 countries around the world. While we were packing, the football team were screaming and yelling excitedly, which motivated us to work even harder. At that day, we produced more than 30,000 meals. We learned a lot of things, such as, good organizing and well management to make other lives better.

This kind of activity encourages us to join more and more volunteering event.

So, we joined in “Feed the needs 2016” to pack 1 million meals for the Feed My Starving Children in North Central College. It was open for anybody who was willing to help. We signed up for 2 hours.

When we arrived at the packing place, there were at least 300 people there, waiting for packing. After listened a 15-minute-speech and watched a video about the processes, we could begin to pack foods. There were only 7 people in our group, it supposed to be 8 people. Therefore, our group was a little bit slower than the others. However, we were doing our best to pack as much as we could. At the end of the whole event, over 5,000 volunteers packed 1,053,216 meals.

Feed My Starving Children 2.jpg

Feed the Needs 2016 event at North Central College

Overall, volunteering of the Feed My Starving Children gave us wonderful and unforgettable memories. If you like to experience team-work-volunteering, it is time to go join the Feed My Starving Children.


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