North Central College students have been taking advice from the Office of International Programs to “Please Go Away” and study abroad around the world. With more than 50 programs to choose from, and more being added, the opportunities to learn around the world are endless.

For the 2017-2018 school year, the office is introducing new programs in Granada, Spain; Hamilton, New Zealand; and Lille, France.

Due to the popularity of programs in Spanish-speaking countries, the office decided to establish a program in Granada, Spain, in addition to three other Spanish language programs.

“Having more programs in Spanish-speaking countries diversifies options for our students and ensures we aren’t sending large numbers of North Central students on one program,” says Whitney Ewing, study abroad advisor.

Granada was chosen for its unique courses, internship opportunities and student recommendations. The new program in New Zealand was chosen due to student requests.

“Kimberly Larsson, director of study abroad, and I were repeatedly being asked about study abroad programs in New Zealand,” explains Ewing. “We decided the demand was high enough to add a program there.”

A third new option is geared to students who want to minor in French. They can choose an exchange program at Université Catholique de Lille in Lille, France, that combines French language instruction with courses taught in English.

A recently added program in Vina del Mar, Chile, is experiencing growing enrollments. Other future possibilities under consideration are another Spanish program in South America and a semester-long option in Morocco.

“Our programs support a certain niche in our student body,” says Ewing. “We are always willing to add options.”

Original story appeared on North Central College website