As an international student I always come across people who ask “Weren’t you scared to leave?”

Of course I was scared but that’s what makes all this adventure more exciting. Studying abroad is a roller coaster from beginning to end. From making the decision to knowing when you’ll be back home. I’m not going to give you tips on how to deal with up’s and down’s of the ride, but i’ll share what I’ve found during my ride that you might also experience in yours.

So buckle up and enjoy.

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1. Traveling alone could be a blessing or a curse.

Not having a friends travelling or studying abroad in the same place as you are might sound frightening. Do not panic this will also give you huge opportunities to come out of comfort zone and TALK TO NEW PEOPLE. Meeting new people will expose you to new cultures, languages and perspectives of life. This new friendships could lead to possible future trips to visit them in their home countries!

As I mentioned before travelling alone could also be annoying sometimes. One thing is taking good pictures with you in them. Personally I am not good in selfie taking game and I can get quite tiring when you don’t get a picture as you wanted. It all come down to you either improving your selfie game or accepting the fact that you will not be in all the pictures you take. But hey! you are still enjoying the ride and beautiful views around you.


2. Public transportation will become your new BEST FRIEND.

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One of the first things to do when you settle in your new country is to try and find how public transportation works around of the area where you live and how to get to places you want to visit. Most of the time what we as newbies do is walk everywhere, but to be honest you can’t. Do not get me wrong walking is a wonderful thing to do, but I believe is better to ask for help with the public transport. If you do not want to ask  then use the Internet; there is always information on what train or bus you can/ need to take to arrive to your destination.


3. You have to channel your inner adventurer.

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When you’re studying abroad the city and country you are will have something new to offer everyday. To be able to see and know all the cool places around you it is necessary to find your inner fearless adventurer and GO FOR IT !


4. If you bring a backpack (which I highly recommend) it will become a part of you.

I’m not joking whenever you go you’ll have to carry essentials such as camera, phone, portable charger, water bottle, wallet, etc. and the best way to do it is with you backpack. So no matter how much you try you will always end up looking like bilbo baggins.

No difference!

I know I still have more to discover while I travel, but just remind there is nothing better than getting out of your comfort zone and explore.

If you want to travel but do not want to leave school just study abroad. Follow the dreams you have because only you can make them come true. ONLY YOU!


This post is written by our guest blogger, Pam Gomez. Thanks Pam!

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My name is Pam, I’m a junior majoring in Global Studies: International Relations track with a minor in Psychology. I’m from Mexico and currently studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. Once I go back to NCC I would like to do some volunteering and be more involved on campus. After graduation, I would like to go to graduate school but also get a part time job during my studying.