Future Cardinals!

If you have decided to come to North Central College, CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome! We are so excited that you chose this wonderful institution, and me personally, I cannot wait to get to know each and everyone of you individually! If you will be on campus sometime soon for a campus visit, make sure to stop by the Admissions Office to say hi!

If you can’t visit campus, check out my other blog post about Alternative ways to “Visit campus”

As you all know, there’s a lot of information about your next steps after accepting your offer. They include deposits, visa application, how to prepare for your arrival on campus as an International Student, whether you are traveling from abroad or transfering from another U.S institution, and so on.

I’ll admit it… there’s a lot of information! Sometimes, they can be confusing…!




Besides our website and the emails you’ve been receiving, did you know that we also created a BLOG specifically to help you organize all of these information?

That’s right! Head over to  http://ncconlineorientation.weebly.com/    where we consolidated these very useful information and organized them into user-friendly drop-down menus with detailed checklists of what you need to do. You can find information about:


Any questions, make sure you refer back to the official website still (https://northcentralcollege.edu/admission/admitted-international-students), or contact your International Student Advisor, Jesus Velasco, at jevelasco@noctrl.edu.

I wish they had that blog when I was applying to North Central College two years ago… (and of course this blog too, but you are already doing that)… It would have helped a lot! So now you see, make sure you utilize these wonderful resources!