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Welcome to Cardinals WorldNorth Central College International Admissions Student Blog! My name is Uyen Lam and I am the International Student Ambassador. In this blog, my fantastic fellow international students, colleagues at the Office of Admissions, and I will be blogging about our lives at North Central. Our goal is to give you insights on what it’s like to be a North Central College Cardinal. Here are just a few of what you can expect to read from this blog:

  • Academic Content: What the classes are like; How you can excel in your finals, What study abroad programs are available etc.
  • Social Content: A day in the life of a student/ professor/ club member; NCC clubs overview; Where to hang out at North Central and in Downtown Naperville etc.
  • Application Tips: Advice from current students on how to increase your chance of acceptance to NCC, etc.

This blog is not (yet) the official blog of North Central College International Admissions, but we are working diligently to deliver the content quality you may expect in one.

In the mean time, check out our posts in the “Recent Posts” section, comment if you have a WordPress account, talk to us, or send us comments/ questions/suggestions:




English Language Institute Twitter:


English Language Institute Website:

Welcome to North Central College! Go Cardinals!

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